Ohio Personalized Learning Network Frequently Asked Questions

A complete list of FAQs can be found here.

  • What is personalized learning?

    Personalized Learning is a learner-driven approach to teaching and learning that supports learners in achieving their goals in the ways that work best for them. In order to ensure that each learner is able to overcome obstacles to learning and be prepared for future success, it calls on educators to: really know and empower their learners; facilitate and codesign learning experiences with their learners; align supports to accelerate learning and meet individual learners’ distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations or cultural backgrounds; and provide ways for learners to demonstrate what they know and know how to do. To learn more about what personalized learning is, why districts and schools are focusing on personalized learning and how to get started in your role, sign up for the Ohio Personalized Learning Network’s EXPLORE on-demand professional learning modules (COMING SOON).

  • Why is Ohio focused on personalized learning?

    Over the last decade, Ohio has focused on accelerating and expanding personalized learning across the state—from the 2014-18 Competency-Based Education Pilot to the 2018 Ohio strategic plan for education, to a 2019 state-level policy scan and community action planning. This led to the development of an Ohio State Opportunity Analysis. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed unique systemic challenges and barriers for students, families, and educators accelerating urgency and readiness for systems transformation.

  • How does personalized learning align with Future Forward Ohio?

    Future Forward Ohio encompasses the state’s strategic priorities for using federal funds from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) to help students recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Future Forward Ohio has three coordinating strategies to facilitate student success: Accelerating Learning: Providing more, and more effective, opportunities to learn through programs like after-school and summer programming, tutoring and supporting districts in using high-quality instructional materials. Overcoming Obstacles to Learning: Addressing barriers that prevent students from engaging in learning, such as attendance, health, mental health and high-speed internet access. Preparing Students for Future Success: Helping students rediscover their “why” for learning and more smoothly transition to their next stages through career and college connections. A flexible and human-centered approach to personalized learning can help educators address instructional and learning disruptions posed by the pandemic while putting in place equitable, resilient systems that can ensure the future success of every child.

  • How can I join the Ohio Personalized Learning Network?

    Contact a regional Educational Service Center Personalized Learning Specialist to join the Ohio Personalized Learning Network. With support from the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Educational Service Centers, regional Personalized Learning Specialists and KnowledgeWorks, the Ohio Personalized Learning Network connects educators, schools and districts to a continuum of grant-funded professional learning supports focused on helping local communities expand systems and approaches that center the individual needs of every learner.

  • Is there a cost to joining the Ohio Personalized Learning Network?

    No. The Ohio Personalized Learning Network is funded by Future Forward Ohio and is grant-funded for educators at all levels including public, community, and private schools.

  • What level of commitment is required for EXPLORE?

    EXPLORE is an individual commitment to complete online modules and learn more about personalized teaching and learning strategies in individual classrooms.

  • What level of commitment is required for LAUNCH?

    LAUNCH is a two-year commitment from school design teams including a principal, instructional coach or equivalent, and three early adopter teachers. As part of the cohort, school design teams will participate in regular check-ins with a regional Educational Service Center Personalized Learning Specialist for personalized support and coaching. For the two-year cohort commitment, your design team will participate in four in-person meetings per year (eight total over two years) and occasional virtual meetups.

  • What level of commitment is required for TRANSFORM?

    TRANSFORM district teams commit to a five-year cohort. Teams include a superintendent, principal, instructional coach, counselor, elementary teacher, middle school teacher, high school teacher, curriculum leader, and special education teacher. As part of the cohort, teams will participate in regular check-ins with a Educational Service Center Personalized Learning Specialist and a KnowledgeWorks coach for personalized support and coaching. Design teams will participate in three in-person meetings per year (15 total over five years) in central Ohio. With help from KnowledgeWorks, teams will evaluate the impact of systems change efforts in their district.