Reaching the Classic Underachiever Through Personalized Learning

Stacey Lucas, English Teacher at Riverside Campus

As educators, we all know that kid - the classic underachiever; the kid who says he can get an A on a test without doing the homework and actually does it. The student who slides by with below average grades when we know he can do so much more. We've all been frustrated with this student. We've called him lazy and complained about him in the teacher's lounge. What we sometimes fail to understand is that school failed this student a long time ago.

What Personalized Professional Learning Pathways Can Do

Heather Townley, Regional Personalized Learning Specialist

Personalized learning isn't just adding something to your repertoire. It's not just thinking outside the box. It's getting rid of the box. We're rebuilding something, and learners are now at the center. We make every decision around our learners. There are so many incredible teachers doing these incredible things, but not been given that space to fully realize what they want for our students.

Personalized Learning: What it IS and What it is NOT!

Amy S. Harker, Ohio Personalized Learning Specialist, NE Region

Teachers’ and administrators’ anxiety levels rise as they picture personalized learning as students coming into their classroom running wild, learning at all levels, doing whatever they want and having no structure…or students jumping immediately on a device and sitting behind the computer all day. This my dear friends, is not what personalized learning is.