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  • Develop foundational knowledge of personalized learning and spark interest in shifting traditional teaching and learning practices

  • Join virtual meetups with fellow educators to share ideas and ask questions

What to Expect from the On-Demand Online Explore Personalized Learning Series

  • Module 1: What is Personalized Learning?

    Explore the basic tenets of personalized learning as a basis for systems change toward equitable outcomes for learners.

  • Module 2: Why Personalized Learning?

    Explore why learning is personal and should be personalized.

  • Module 3: Beginning Your Personalized Learning Journey

    Explore shifts in roles and mindsets for teachers, coaches and leaders and uncover highlights strategies for early implementation .

Module 1

What is Personalized Learning?

What is personalized learning? Distinguish the language and core principles of personalized learning and its relevance for you as part of your learning community; Understand that personalized, competency-based learning operates at both the system and classroom levels

Learner perspective: Identify the role of agency in a personalized learning environment

Educator perspective: Recognize that agency leads to deeper personalized learning

Human-centered personalized learning: Recognize the importance of approaching learning with a human-centered mindset

Module 2

Why Personalized Learning?

The purpose of K-12 education: An evolution: Understand under what conditions the current K-12 system was establish and consider who it is currently serving

Learning is personal: Recognize the personal nature of education as a compelling reason educators and learning communities are motivated to reconsider the purpose of K-12 education and pursue a system of personalized, competency-based learning

Data creates stories: Establish that different levels of data can reveal inequities that need to be addressed with human-centered personalized practices

What is your why? Articulate your own rationale for reimagining learning

Module 3

Beginning Your Personalized Learning Journey

Shifting mindsets: Identify mindset shifts in a learner-centered system

Teachers as learning facilitators: Recognize shifts teachers can make to build capacity and create conditions for agency

Instructional coaches as learning partners: Recognize shifts instructional coaches can make to build capacity and create conditions for agency

Leaders as culture cultivators: Recognize shifts leaders can make to build capacity and create conditions for agency

The learning community: Recognize that individual roles influence the collective efficacy of a learning community

Determining next steps: Determine individual or team next steps toward systemic personalized learning by using resources available to you

Is Your School Ready to Launch Personalized Learning?

Regional cohorts for the 2022-23 school year are full. Approximately 40 schools and 200 educators are busy designing classroom policies and practices to LAUNCH personalized learning in North, West and South Ohio. Is your school ready to LAUNCH personalized learning through the 2023-24 school year?