Explore shifts in roles and mindsets for teachers, coaches and leaders, as well as strategies for early implementation

The EXPLORE Personalized Learning module series is designed for individual educators and teams who want an introduction to personalized learning.

This module is part three of Ohio's three-part EXPLORE Personalized Learning series. Select the path that best meets your needs.

Content included in the Beginning Your Personalized Learning Journey module:

  • Shifting roles and mindsets
  • Teachers becoming learning facilitators
  • Coaches becoming learning partners
  • Leaders becoming culture cultivators
  • Becoming a learning system
  • Determining next steps

At the end of each chapter, you will have an opportunity to reflect and apply your learning based on the learning goals and relevance within your local learning community.

Learning Goals

By the end of this module, you'll be able to:

  • Identify mindset shifts in a learner-centered system

  • Recognize shifts that teachers, instructional coaches and leaders can make to build capacity and create conditions for agency

  • Recognize how your role influences the collective efficacy of your learning community

  • Determine individual or team next steps toward systemic personalized learning by using resources available to you

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module Series Orientation

    • Module Series Introduction

    • About this Module Series

    • Module Contributors

    • How to Navigate this Module

    • Tools and Resources

  • 2


    • Module Overview

    • Personalized Pathways

  • 3

    Shifting Mindsets

    • Chapter Overview

    • Shifting to Learner Variability as the Norm

    • Shifting to a Culture of Growth Mindset and Innovation

    • Fostering Agency

    • Shifting from Compliance to Agency

    • Strategy: Goal Setting

    • Learning Discussion

    • Learning Goal Check-In

    • Directions for Chapters 4-6

  • 4

    Teachers as Learning Facilitators

    • Chapter Overview

    • Teacher Voices

    • Voice

    • Building Community

    • Learners as Decision Makers

    • Learning Discussion

    • Learning Goal Check-In

  • 5

    Instructional Coaches as Learning Partners

    • Chapter Overview

    • Instructional Coach Voices

    • Building Relationships and Trust

    • Learner-Driven Coaching

    • Learning Discussion

    • Learning Goal Check-In

  • 6

    Leaders as Culture Cultivators

    • Chapter Overview

    • Leader Voices

    • Lead Learner

    • Leader Role Shifts

    • Vision Sharer

    • Shared Leadership

    • Learning Discussion

    • Learning Goal Check-In

  • 7

    The Learning Community

    • Chapter Overview

    • Me to We

    • What is a Learning Community?

    • Becoming a Learning System

    • Learning Discussion

    • Learning Goal Check-In

  • 8

    Determining Next Steps

    • Chapter Overview

    • Ohio Personalized Learning Self-Assessment & Planning Tool

    • Be Curious

    • District Conditions Navigation Tool

    • Educator Competencies

    • Leadership Competencies

    • Learning Discussion

    • Learning Goal Check-In

  • 9

    Wrap Up

    • You're Almost Done!

    • Reflection and Feedback Survey